Marking guns

Label guns / Price marking guns are a valuable medium for pricing information as well as identification. A clear readable label is important to provide customer information regarding your product(s).


Single line marking gun that is user-friendly. Perfect for retail environment.


• 22 x 16 labels Kendo Single Line Gun • This hand labeller has 6 to 10 Numeric characters

• label sizes of 22 mm x 12 mm




An amazing 2-line label gun. This package is perfect for anyone who need to display two different pieces of variable information on a label. This tool will print eight numeric characters over eight numeric characters.


• Easy-to-load ‘drop-in' ink roller • Open path for easy label loading

• Quality index (readout) band • Clear, large font type

• Fast, easy & flexible • Precise printing

• European layouts • Light and comfortable grip

• Various sizes and shapes of labels


Sato Judo 26- Two-line pricing and hand labelling gun 10 X 8 Digit Version. This is a great two-line general-purpose pricing gun that is very popular for retail pricing. Ideal for Mark Down Pricing. With large, high-quality printout the Judo 26 provides the best looking neatest price labels and smudge free print. The Judo 26 also features a wide opening feed path for easy loading of labels.


• Two-line price gun – top line = 8 & bottom line = 6 • unique design of print band mechanism, eliminates ink smudging

• wide open path for simple loading of labels • one-touch, easy load ink roller

• labels: uses 26x16mm labels

Motex Label Makers

Simple and Basic model with reasonable price . Used for labelling, organizing, decorating and DIY


• Compact and portable • Body color : Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink

• 9mm wide tape, available in 11 basic color, 3 pastel, 4 flourescent, various designed colored tapes

• 9mm wide tapes can be embossed with letters and numbers • No batteries required

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